Meenoo Rami

A love letter to teachers and teaching

As a novice teacher, Meenoo Rami experienced the same anxieties shared by many – the sense of isolation, lack of self-confidence, and fear that her work was having no positive impact on her students. In Thrive, Meenoo shares the five strategies that helped her become a confident, connected teacher.

From how to find mentors and build networks, both online and off, to advocating for yourself and empowering your students, Thrive shows new and veteran teachers alike how to overcome the challenges and meet the demands of our profession. Now available for pre-order on Amazon and Heinemann.
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Praise for Thrive

Christopher Lehman

coauthor of Falling in Love with Close Reading

“Whether you are entering your first year of teaching or your 40th, Thrive feels as if it were written just for you. At a time in our profession, when many of us are feeling stretched thin, Meenoo Rami offers strategies to reignite our passions and rediscover why we chose to teach.”

Carol Jago

author, teacher, and past president of NCTE

“Teaching is a profession that eats its young. Meenoo Rami offers guidelines for surviving the challenges of the classroom as well as the faculty room.”

Penny Kittle

author of Book Love

“Thrive includes a mosaic of dynamic teacher voices from many grade levels and content areas. Reading their stories deepened my thinking about the immense untapped potential of our profession. Meenoo Rami’s vision of teaching and learning can sustain us all.”

Will Richardson

author of Why School? How Education Must Change When Learning and Education Are Everywhere

“In Thrive, Meenoo Rami does an amazing job of turning the challenges of teaching in this new, networked world of learning into opportunities for teachers and students alike. She shares an amazing array of practical ideas that will help both veteran and brand new teachers find support and inspiration for working the technology-rich environments that the modern learner demands. Filled with the stories of real teachers in real classrooms to support her ideas, Meenoo’s book is simply a must-read for any educator wanting to better understand the potentials for student and personal learning in this most complex and exciting time.”

From the Foreword by Jim Burke

“This is the book I wish I had been able to read when I began teaching. On every page, Meenoo offers practical suggestions, accompanied by wit and wisdom, that can help us solve the problems we all encounter no matter how long we have been teaching. Thanks to her vision and her voice, I see great hope in the future for our profession.”

Chris Lehmann

Founding Principal, Science Leadership Academy

To be successful, teachers must constantly be learning, reflecting, and growing to meet the ever-changing needs of the students in front of them. To many of us, this can seem like an overwhelming task. Who do I learn from? How can I keep growing as an educator? How do I keep the work I do relevant and fresh to myself and my students? Fortunately, Meenoo Rami has written this book, which provides a road map for all of us to, yes, thrive, in our schools over the course of a career. And as Meenoo’s principal, I can say that she lives the words of this book in her classroom every day.

Troy Hicks

author of Crafting Digital Writing

“Meenoo Rami has written the right book at the right time. In an era of corporate education reform, Thrive reminds us of how we, as teachers, need human interaction, intellectual fulfillment, and empathy just as much as our students. Rami encourages us to move beyond the mechanical acts of scripted schooling and mandatory professional development, offering us numerous ways to pursue our own passions and bring them to the classroom. She notes that “the rewards of this work will be paid with your students’ success and engagement.” Filled with practical suggestions, stories from fellow educators, and smart questions, Thrive will reward you as a reader, too.”

Angela Maiers

“Regardless of one’s profession, it is important to cultivate a practice of evaluating and re-evaluating progress and personal growth. Meenoo Rami adeptly shares critical ways for educators to check in with themselves and track their progress, and to inject passion into their work. Her ideas are relevant for both rookie teachers and classroom veterans alike!”Tweets by