Meenoo Rami

Educational Workshops for Schools

If you are interested in having me conduct a workshop for your school, district, organization, or conference, please contact me via email at meenoo.rami (at) Thanks! Schools and organizations can request Meenoo to speak or lead a workshop. Possible topics to consider:

  • Personalize learning for every student by improving the way you use data
  • Increase operational efficiencies through better data management
  • How teachers go beyond surviving while teaching during a pandemic
  • Classroom practice in a Connected World
  • Reading and writing across the curriculum
  • Curriculum planning or re-imagining to increase student engagement and agency
  • Literacy leadership and coaching support

What Do Attendees Say About Meenoo’s Work

Vincent Trundle


“Meenoo’s keynote presentation at the Australian Education in Games Summit 2018 was both fascinating and inspiring. Meenoo spoke authentically and with passion to the no nonsense crowd and had them laughing, thinking and participating. Her powerful encouragement toward developing story-driven, creative communities and critical computational thinkers opened the conference with a strong positive message. Meenoo provided great ideas to connect educators, creative professionals and learners, enabling them to take powerful educational journeys into the future.”

Kurt Madden (@kurtmadden)

August 30, 2017

You were amazing! You are the perfect blend of teacher, technologist, humorist and innovator. You inspired all of us. Thanks,

Amy Ellerman

Conference Chair, 2018 CCIRA Conference

Meenoo Rami is so authentic. Her message to educators: it takes empowered teachers to empower students. Meenoo’s deep respect for learning and learners of all ages translates so personally across even the largest room. At the 2018 CCIRA Conference, Meenoo had 1000+ conference attendees on their feet, connected to her and to each other, the feeling in the room one of shared purpose, of trust. Meenoo challenges each of us to reflect on the work most worthy of doing while opening ourselves up to new ways of doing it.

Meredith Mehra

Director of Office of Teaching & Learning, School District of Philadelphia

I wanted to thank you for joining us at Orientation last week. Opening with someone who is so invested in the children of Philadelphia and their potential was a powerful way to start the week. Your humor, relevant advice, and sincerity resonated with the educators in our audience – both the newbies and the more seasoned folks.

2015 Literacy for All Conference Evaluation

Meenoo was very inspiring. I loved her emphasis on making learning relevant and preparing our students for a story-driven, personalized, collaborative world.

2015 Literacy for All Conference Evaluation

Meenoo was incredible! I loved the entire presentation. She was so down to Earth and REAL and really opened my eyes to the importance of a writer’s audience.

Dr. Aileen Hower

Penn State Summer Institute Director

Meenoo was invited to Keynote our closing day of the Penn State York Summer Literacy Institute 2015 on Close Reading. This is usually a difficult day to keep attendees’ (K-12 teachers from the region) attention – after a whole week of learning. Meenoo was everything I could have hoped for in a keynote to close out the week. She was highly engaging to elementary and secondary teachers alike. They were completely inspired by her message. They shared comments about how passionately she spoke and how compelling her message was. She provided authentic examples of her work in the classroom too. Her books sold out immediately after the session. I would have Meenoo back to speak at any conference for teachers that I held. She challenged educators to think about their students, classroom practices, and what reading and writing is needed in the world today.

Rebecca Hoffmann

English Teacher, Mars School District, PA

My favorite session at the PASCD 2015 Annual Conference was keynote speaker Meenoo Rami. As a fellow English teacher, her words and ideas really resonated with me. So much of what she said inspired me to increase inquiry and student autonomy in my classroom. In Rami’s words, “We will not create the change agents we need if we don’t empower our students to create their own learning.” Meenoo Rami truly understands what education needs today: connected teachers with the desire (and the ability) to put their students’ educational needs and desires above all else.

Dr. Mia Zamora

Director of Kean University Writing Project

Meenoo Rami leads her colleagues with meaningful inspiration. During her workshop with our local teachers she shared some of her reflections which are highlighted in her recent book entitled Thrive. As a result, the room was a buzz with conversations that really mattered to everyone. Rami effectively offers teachers useful “take aways” and concrete strategies for empowered classroom practices. But in the process, Meenoo also grabs the heart of teachers and reminds them of the possibility of real transformative learning. The ability to transform lives is at the heart of every teacher’s calling. Meenoo’s work puts that calling front and center. Her workshops are invaluable because she reminds teachers of just how important their work is to our collective future.

Heather Rocco

CEL committee member, NCTE member

During her Conference on English Leadership’s Annual Convention 2013 address, Meenoo Rami shared her tremendous passion and innovative ideas with the audience. Her talk captivated and inspired us to create more authentic learning experiences for our students. She showed us how to teach students that language empowers them and enables to make significant contributions to their communities. She showed how her students used technology to make connections with experts in their fields of interest, produce online magazines and much more. In addition, to her informative speech, Ms. Rami generously gave her time and expertise to address specific questions of individual members. Since our convention, members continue to discuss the ideas Ms. Rami presented and how they are using them to transform their classrooms into engaging learning environments for students.

Heinemann Publishin (@HeinemannPub)

January 17, 2014

“After hearing @meenoorami at CEL, I made a commitment to create more authentic, real assessments for my students” –@_camccabe #edchat

Bruce Emra

Interview from Model Schools Conference 2018

Yesterday (April 14, 2014), Meenoo presented and then sat in a circle with about 18 teachers (of varying degrees of teaching experience) and our school principal and curriculum coordinator. It was a transformational hour! This morning the department has been galvanized with ideas and inspirations from this frank and humble yet assertive master teacher. A team of three teachers wants to change their final exam this June to be more project-based along the lines of what Meenoo Rami advocates (and speaks of in her new book Thrive). I immediately endorsed the idea. Other teachers are talking about “applying” Meenoo’s ideas here. It’s very exciting for me to see my colleagues so inspired! There are “consultants,” and then there is Meenoo Rami. Go for the authentic, and please have your teachers hear Meenoo.Tweets by