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I am so excited to be at the Badge Summit on June 22nd, 2019, to kick off the event with a keynote. I’ll be creating a new keynote for this event but will keep some of the themes that are true to my practice and beliefs. My hope in this keynote is to bring up the following essential questions for our consideration.

• What role, if any, do badges play in creating a culture of lifelong learning in schools?
• In what ways is community necessary ingredient for any system of learning?
• How do we give the power of learning back to our students using perhaps badges or other methods of organizing learning?

I hope to see you there, and I hope this event sparks a great conversation for a variety of people to come together to set some intentions and make some connection before ISTE takes over our lives for few days.

To hear from the organizer of the summit, please continue to read below.
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Conference organizers are obsessed with offering attendees powerful learning and amazing experiences. The choice for keynote speaker is an important decision because of the out-sized impact they will have on both.

The search can be arduous, and the rejected invitations humbling. These did not come into play in the case of the 2019 Badge Summit keynote speaker, however, as Meenoo Rami approached me with an unsolicited offer to bring her out-sized impact to our conference.

I pretty much died right then.
If you’ve been following Meenoo on Twitter, read her book Thrive, or had a conversation with her, you know why I’m so excited for her Badge Summit keynote. She has a special way of showing up and touching everyone around her.

I caught up with Meenoo to ask about her motivations and to learn more about what we can expect from her talk.
In my version of the movie, dark clouds parted, ominous background music gave way to a harmonious choir that sounded exactly like the light beam looked as it struck the ground in front of me and you suddenly appeared with an invitation for me to accept you as the keynote speaker of this year’s Badge Summit. What is your version of how we got here?

I was lucky enough to get a last-minute invite to last year’s badge summit via Participate learning, and I was so moved by the keynote and the entire day’s experience that I wanted to return and perhaps have an opportunity to share my own thoughts on how we define and measure learning would be an interesting challenge to take on.

You’re well-known for your advocacy of Growth Mindset and your promotion of Lifelong Learning. How do you see those important themes tying in with digital badges and credentials?

I think the way we think of learning is already changing, in my current role at Microsoft, I am constantly learning about new approaches, new business strategies, and new execution levers to reach our goals. We betray our students and educators if we don’t embrace the ethos of lifelong learning that is required in all of us. When you stop growing, you stop being.

What takeaways and impacts do you hope to see for Badge Summit attendees?

I hope that this summit becomes the place to start thoughtful conversations at ISTE, I hope it draws people from differing experiences and opinions together so that we can tackle ideas such as how do we define and recognize learning for all.

Your experience teaching in the classroom was in Philadelphia. Is it still special when you have the opportunity to come back to a place that was home in order to share your message?

Yes, absolutely, I actually got my teaching cert and Master’s from Temple University, so it is a special honor for me to return to the same campus for this keynote. I love many cities, but because I taught students of Philly, it will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you again for this invite, and I am so excited to kick this summit off.

Registration for the 2019 Badge Summit is live at, where you can also get more information about the conference and see content from previous years. If you’ve got awesome work to share, please do click on the Present tab and lets us know about it so we can give you space to amplify how you too are changing the world!

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Recently, I had a professional opportunity that I had to pinch myself to believe was actually happening. I was a guest on the Teaching Tolerance’s The Mind Online podcast with Monita Bell. I have been a fan and supporter of Teaching Tolerance since I started my teaching career more than a decade ago. I have personally used many of their resources to tackle issues of social justice in my own practice. It was an honor to be part of the conversation via this podcast. If you’re curious about what we discussed on the episode, check out the description and link to the episode below.

Episode 10

Video games in the classroom can help young people learn a wide range of skills. But gaming can also expose them to radical ideologies. We talk about game-based learning with Meenoo Rami, manager for Microsoft’s Minecraft Education. We also explore how educators can counter hateful messages in games with Keegan Hankes from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project.

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