Debug Summit

On December 8th, 2021 I had the honor of being part of Debug Summit, and share my current thinking on my team’s work related to keeping children safe on the internet. See the advertised description of my talk below:

Debug Summit Agenda – Meenoo Rami

Throughout my talk, I tried to share my thinking on how this work can be done while keeping young people centered in the experiences that we are trying to improve, one concrete example of this is, to perhaps involve young games/players/users involved in the games reviews we produce to guide parent’s decisions on the platform.

There were numerous questions about how use user research in our work and how the pandemic has affected the way we’ve involved parents and children’s voice in our work. Overall, it was a great summit and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my current thinking.

Queer spaces matter in tech and I am committed to being an ally to all those who I met virtually and champion their voices in the work we do everyday.

I look forward to attending the next Summit from Lesbians Who Tech.

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