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Meenoo Rami

Keynote speaking to ensure your organization has
the mindset, behavior, and tools
to support young people to thrive.

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"We loved your keynote. Your background and experience really resonated with me. I felt compelled to reach out and thank you for your presentation!"

Eliza hanft
project manager, PA department of education

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As educators and parents:
it's important to stay up to date on how to keep kids safe while they navigate the digital world.
And how do we empower them?By embracing technology.What determines how young people are experiencing their life every day?Their beliefs & emotions.So, how do you harness emotions and empower them to use their voices?You embrace technology to build a new model to thrive in.

Keynote speaker

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The Digital Playground: Gaming Online Safely

How can we keep young people safe while they navigate the digital world?Address potential risks, such as cyberbullying, addiction, and inappropriate content.Hear practical strategies for boundary-setting and promoting positive digital citizenship.

Up Your Game As A
Product Manager

Looking to take your career to the next level?Delve into the essential skills to succeed as a product manager.Explore techniques to supercharge your efficiency, develop strong product vision, and work with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to optimize product performance.

Time To Thrive: Empower
Your Students

How can we use technology to empower students?Mentorship, network-building, and using technology effectively can empower students to use their voices.Meenoo will share how to increase their engagement, improve learning, and grow your own joy at work.

"Meenoo is so authentic. At the CCIRA Conference, Meenoo had 1000+ conference attendees on their feet, connected to her and to each other, the feeling in the room one of shared purpose, of trust."

Amy Ellerman
CCIRA Conference chair

Hi, I'm Meenoo

I'm the author of Thrive, a national board-certified teacher who taught at public schools in Philadelphia for 10 years and I've also worked as a teaching fellow with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, leading the portfolio to help teachers refine their practice through collaboration.Currently, I'm a Principal Product Manager focused on building welcoming experiences for youngest players and their families on Xbox at Microsoft.

"You were amazing! You are the perfect blend of teacher, technologist, humorist and innovator.You inspired all of us. Thanks!"

Kurt Madden
CEO of Career Nexus

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