Join me at #CCIRA18 in Feb 2018

Join me at #CCIRA18 in Feb 2018

Thanks to organizers of CCIRA conference for this invite! I am looking forward to being there!
2018 CCIRA Conference
Literacy Renaissance: Invention, Intention, and Close Study
Morning Keynote Speakers
February 7-10, 2018
It’s that time again: the limitless possibilities of a brand new school year stretch before us. We re-enter our classrooms energized with new ideas and fueled by our own summer learning as well as our passion for the learning experiences we will design for our students. A whole new year!
It’s a similar feeling planning a conference. It’s an opportunity to assemble a menu of speakers that will bring our CCIRA Community together-inspired to learn from and beside one another, to connect, and to continuously refine our practice to support our students. We choose speakers so carefully; we place them strategically in the schedule; we can’t wait to reveal them, for everyone else to get as excited as we are.
Keynote speakers play a vital role at any conference. They are the common threads that link the experiences of 1,800 attendees choosing from hundreds of different sessions. We come together as a community for keynotes–teachers of students at all levels, librarians, instructional coaches, administrators, content specialists, professors–we bring our diverse lenses, strengths, and questions, and we gather to think and learn together.
Meet the morning keynote speakers for the 2018 CCIRA Conference, February 7-10, 2018. Each one personifies the theme of Literacy Renaissance: Invention, Intention, and Close Study.
Thursday Morning Keynote: Ralph Fletcher 

Ralph Fletcher epitomizes the DaVinci-minded educator. His side by side, writer to writer stance communicates to students and to teachers that writing work is meaningful, challenging, and fascinating. Like DaVinci, Ralph’s notebooks are legendary, examples of what it looks like to walk the walk while talking the talk. Ralph’s passion for writing and for creating the learning environments necessary to support student and adult writers is so clear. His books include What a Writer NeedsBoy Writers: Reclaiming Their VoicesPyrotechnics on the PagePlayful Craft That Sparks WritingMaking Nonfiction From Scratch, and many more. His newest books include Joy Write: Cultivating High-Impact, Low-Stakes Writing and The Writing Teacher’s Companion: Embracing Choice, Voice, Purpose, and Play. With his years dedicated to closely studying writers and writing instruction, Ralph Fletcher is the perfect speaker to open the 2018 Conference.
Friday Morning Keynote: Meenoo Rami

Meenoo Rami brings the invention to the keynote table. As someone on the cutting edge of what could be in education, she will challenge attendees to consider out of the box possibilities. The kind of work Meenoo engages in with students and teachers reflects her background as a teacher at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, with the National Writing Project, as a teaching fellow with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and most recently, as Manager for Minecraft Education at Microsoft. Meenoo is also the author of Thrive, a work she describes as her “love letter to teachers.” Meenoo’s strategies challenge educators to connect and to generate the kind of energy that powers forward and feeds us in a time when we need it most. Expect the unexpected with Meenoo.
Saturday Morning Keynote: Peter Johnston 

Peter Johnston is Professor Emeritus at the University of Albany and member of the Reading Hall of Fame (!!!). His books Choice Words and Opening Minds have fundamentally shifted our understanding of the impact of teacher language on students’ academic and human development. Peter is so intentional about the words he uses when giving feedback because it matters-far beyond that one reading conference. As we are teaching students how to read and write we are also helping them to discover who they are and how they see themselves in the world. Peter’s current research-exploring connections between classroom talk, reading engagement, and children’s social, emotional, and literate development–is relevant and highly applicable for educators at all levels.
A slideshow of all our invited speakers and authors is available on our website, so please take a peek and start getting excited for February! (And, no, in case you’re wondering; it’s not too early to book your sub!)

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